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  1. Exploring security risks in a ‘Secure by Design’ and modern transport protocol
    Author: Luca FamĂ 

    QUIC HTTP/3 protocol impersonation DNS

  2. Legit features often turn into something unexpected: an Insomni’hack Teaser 2024 challenge writeup
    Author: Cesare Pizzi

    Reverse engineering ctf dot net R2R

  3. RSA is an old but still secure public-key cryptosystem. However we need to know how it works to avoid mistakes that could introduce vulnerabilities..
    Author: Luca FamĂ 

    rsa crypto math

  4. Inside the Hex-Rays CTF Challenge and the “mysteries” of RSA
    Author: Cesare Pizzi

    ctf reversing crypto rsa

  5. How HTTP/2 capabilities can be used to uncover Web race conditions
    Author: Luca FamĂ 

    web race condition http wireshark burp

  6. Using semgrep to write custom SAST rules and prevent vulnerabilities in your code
    Author: Luca FamĂ 

    semgrep SAST AST tree-sitter

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